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Offset Printing & Other Materials


Bansertra Co., ltd has achieved the agencyship with MyLan Printing Media Corporation, a subsidiary of MyLan Group, since August 2010 and contributed considerably to the market development in South of Vietnam.

We are now distributing both thermal positive Computer-to-Plate (CTP) plates and thermal negative CTP plates to many offset printing houses in Ho Chi Minh City and nearby provinces. At present, Bansertra has sold CTP plates to many customers in which there are also foreign companies in Vietnam.

Apart from above main products, we are also distributing chemicals for developing the CTPs and other materials for offset printing machines like Dupont non-woven fabrics which are ready to use and customize to all the models of offset printing machines. The quality of these products more and more win the customers’ satisfactions.

Thermal Computer-to-Plate (CTP) Printing Plates

At present, we are distributing a second-generation printing plate that requires no preheating and maintains a wide operating latitude for long run sheet feeding, web offset, and packaging applications. The DTP150i can be baked for over 1 million impressions and UV ink applications.

  • Thermal positive CTP plate
  • Thermal negative CTP plate

Download product specification for more details:

>> Thermal Positive CTP Plate DTP150i

>> Thermal Positive CTP Plate DTP150eu

>> Thermal Negative CTP Plate AquathermTM SP

Prepress Chemicals

For prepress chemicals such as Finishing gums, Developers, Replenishers and Fountain Solution, please contact us for further information.

UV lamps

In order to help the customers to cure UV coatings, and inks quickly, Bansertra is now working with Alpha-Cure, a manufacturer of UV lamps in London to bring more choices for the curing technology by UV lights system. Should you have any inquiry about UV lamps, please come to us to find the right products for your needs.

Alpha Cure products are used in UV drying & UV curing as well as in photoluminescent and other UV related applications. Alpha Cure also offer a complete bespoke lamp design and manufacture service.

AlphaCure supply a range of products such as metal halide lamps, UV lamps / UV curing lamps / ultra violet lamps, metal halide lamps, reprographic lamps and control gear for applications in industries such as printing. Alpha Cure offer replacement uv bulbs, metal halide bulbs and a range of lamp accessories.

Cleaning Fabrics

We are a partner of a Singaporian converters of Dupont non-woven fabrics. We can be able to supply to all the customers who are using offset printings which requires the ABC(automatic blanket cleaning) rolls for the press. We can provide the rolls to meet any internal diameters of inner paper cores and the lenths of non-woven fabric. This fabric was manufactured especially for this application with its high absorbancy and lint free without causing any problem for the rubber rollers.



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