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Petroleum and Other Industries


In order to help the customers in gas and oil industry from fuel traders, fuel end-users and refineries, our partner, Chemoil has a full range of their products as well as its technologies to meet all the needs with friendly environment solutions.





Petroleum Additives and Their Function

Cold flow improver: Due to the fuel-soluble polymeric compositions in the liquid form, this product can help lower the pour point and improve cold-weather handling of middle distillate and residual fuels.

Fuel Emulsion preventives: There is a wide range of variety of liquid proprietary demulsifiers, which can help preventing haze and emulsion in gasoline and middle distillates.

Fuel stability: Chemoil can provide the liquids available in inhibitors, dispersant and inhibitor-dispersant formulas-prevent deterioration of domestic fuels during storage and avert sludging of diesel fuels.

Rust Inhibitors: fuel soluble, organic, ashless liquids-safeguard pipelines and fuel distribution systems from corrosion and corrosion by-products contamination.

Silicone Anti-Foams: These products will be available as liquids, compounds or emulsions. They function as anti-foamers or defoamers in a wide variety of unit process applications such as delayed cokers, Udex extraction, vacuum distillation, propane deasphalting, amine scrubbing and unit start-ups.

Anti-Foulants: These products are available in liquid, oil-soluble, ashless, organic wetting agents, despersants, and detergents, formulated to reduce fouling deposites in process systems. They are used in fractionating towers, crude and HDS unites, furnaces, heat exchangers, and reboilers, and to disperse sludge in industrial fuels.

Bactericides: They are liquid or solid, broad-spectrum organic compounds that control growth of aerobic and anaerobic bacteria and microbiological slimes on cooling tower wood or in product tankage.

Clarifying agents: They are water clarifiers, long-chain polyelectrolytes and sufactants in liquid or solid form which are used for clarification and pollution control of effluent water.

Cleaning agents: TC tank cleaners are oil- or water-soluble liquid detergents for clean maintenance of ladders, decks, floors and other surfaces. Besides, Chemoil can also provide TC Metal Cleaners which are oil- or water-soluble liquid detergents in liquid form, remove dried or fresh oil deposits from equipment.

Coagulants: They are flocculants and coagulant aids are liquid de-oiling surfactants used for clarifying effluent waters.

Corrosion Inhibitors: Chemoil supplies corrosion inhibitors in liquid, sticks, or grease forms which are surface-active, high molecular weight, organic compounds that prevent corrosion in tanks, pipelines, vessels, pumps and heat exchange systems. Besides, Chemoil also has Vanadium corrosion inhibitors which are liquid, oil-soluble, organomagnesium additives, low in trace metal content, for controlling vanadium corrosion in ash-bearing heavy fuels for industrial gas turbines.

Demulsifiers: These products comprise a wide variety of proprietary liquid demulsifying and desalting compounds to resolve water –in- oil or oil- in- water emulsions encountered throughout oil refining and petrochemical processing. They are commonly used as aids to electric desalting.

Reverse Demulsifiers: are blends of liquid organic surface-active materials for removing water from water-in –oil emulsions. Applications include water washing of tubine fuels, processing of recovered crankcase oils, and improvement of any recovered hydrocarbon that is to be used as a fuel supplement.

Fuel combustion improvers: Fuel combustion improvers are oil soluble, liquid organo-magnesium fuel oil additives that improve the combustion characteristics of both residual and distillate grade fuels. They are considered non-toxic, equivalent to most industrial hydrocarbon solvents.

Neutralizing Amin: They are liquid organic compounds used in place of ammonia for accurate pH control in fractionator overhead systems. They neutralize acidic materials occurring as impurities in hydrocarbon streams.

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