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Chemicals & Equipments for Laboratory


Apart from the current businesses, Bansertra Co., ltd is able to supply the chemicals and instruments for almost laboratories in chemical industry and bio-technology. Thanks to the chemicals production technology catch-up experience for many years, we can provide to you with high quality lab equipments from standard to sophisticated instruments. Bansertra Co., Ltd has been working with many manufacturers of full ranges of products to bring to the customers with the best technical service at most reasonable costs. The products consist of analytical instrument, food testing equipment, scientific laboratory equipments, petroleum testing devices …

For lab chemicals, Bansertra Co., Ltd can bring to the customers with many choices for their requirements. We can provide all the chemicals for laboratory in many fields e.i. Paint and Coating, Food processing, Oil & Gas, cosmetics, and so on. We have supplied for some R&D centers, factories in Ho Chi Minh city and provinces nearby with high purity chemicals from Merck, Fisher and others.

The most advantage that Bansertra Co., Ltd can bring to you is the fastest feedbacks to meet your timing as well as the construction progress of your company.

Come to us once to check the quality of this service! We do hope you will be most satisfied with it. Look forward to your interest and cooperation.

Gasmeter from Dr.-Ing. Ritter Apparatebau GmbH & Co. KG



RITTER drum-type gas meters are universally applicable for measuring the volume of flowing gases and are par-ticularly effective when measurements demand the high-est precision. The possibility of selecting the gas meter material from among 5 different excellent materials (polyvinyl chloride(PVC), polypropylene (PP), polyvinylide fluoride (PVDF), PE-el (polyethylene electrically conductive) or refined stainless steel 1.4571 (316 L) enables the user individu-ally to meet measurement requirements even in case of highly aggressive gases.

Download product specification for more details:

>> Drum-type Specification



Bellows-type gas meters are applicable for measuring the volume of flowing inert and dry gases and are particularly effective at high gas flows. Please note that gases containing aggressive components may reduce the life span of bellows-type gas meters, if the casing of the measuring unit (tinplate), the valve/control elements (polyam-ide) or the bellows (Perbunan) should be attacked. The desired measurement range can be se-lected from among 6 magnitudes (types) ex-tending together as a whole from 40 ltr/h to 160 m3/h at a gas temperature ranging from -20° to +50° Celsius. The solidly soldered cas-ing on the standard model is designed to with-stand a maximum overpressure of 50 to 500mbar depending on the meter type.

Download product specification for more details:

>> Bellows-type Specification

MilligasCounter (MGC)


The patented MilliGascounter is designed for the measurement of small amounts of gas with ultra-low flow rates. It is suitable for measuring all inert and slightly aggressive gases, in particular those encountered in biogas technology or in leak rate detection.

Product Features:

  • Minimum flow rate 1 ml/h
  • Maximum flow rate 1 ltr/h
  • Resolution 3 ml
  • Accuracy ±3 %
  • Use with inert and medium corrosive gases (biogas)
  • Materials: Plexiglas (PMMA), PVDF, PVC (red)
  • Digital counter with programmed calibration factor
  • Battery operated; battery life-time 3-4 years
  • Low-maintenance

Download product specification for more details:

>> Milligas Counter Specification

Other accessories and analytical software for Windows

Product Features:

  • LCD counter
  • Electronic display unit
  • Pulse generators
  • Safety valves
  • Nanometer
  • Thermometer
  • High precision packing liquid level Indicator
  • Packing liquid
  • Software RIGAMO running on Windows system

Download product specification for more details:

>> Accessories: Thermometer, for TG series, Datasheet

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