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Welcome to Bansertra


We're proud of our professional services as products sourcing, market development and problem solving solutions in chemical industry.

Our products are covering a wide range of applications from industrial to consumer goods production.

With a team of young and dynamic staffs, we commit to bring to you the best products and services not only to meet your current requirements, but also to comply with the local friendly environment regulations in Vietnam in particularly and in the world in generally.


      Benefits when working with us:

  • Right products for every applications
  • Technical supports for high-tech products
  • High quality products at reasonable costs
  • Stable supply sources due to long term cooperation with suppliers
  • Quickly response to help customers in finding the best solutions of problem solving
  • Stocks availability commitment for customers production if request

What we offer

Our products are covering a wide range of applications from industrial to consumer goods production.

Our product portfolio consists of:

  • Chemical Specialties for Coatings & Inks
  • Food Ingridients
  • Plastics & Polymers
  • Offset Printing
  • Petroleum and Other Industries
  • Filtration Technology
  • Metals and Electroplating Chemicals
  • Chemicals & Equipments for Laboratory

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"Bansertra, your credible partner always"


Bansertra has achieved agencyship agreement with Jubilant Life Science for the distribution of AA and EAC in Vietnam

After the long time keeping in touch for the business development plan with Jubilant Life Science Limited(Jubilant) from India, Bansertra has achieved fully a agencyship agreement with this 3 billions USD group for Vietnam market. At the beginning, Bansertra will cooperate with Jubilant for the development of Acetic Anhydride(AA) and Ethyl Acetate(EAC).


Working with Sojitz Corporation (Japan) to develop Titanium dioxide market in Vietnam

Bansertra has discussed Sojitz Corporation in Japan to develop Titanium dioxide of Tayca manufacturer for Vietnam market. This Titanium Dioxide will be used for many applications like paint/coating/inks/plastics/paper industries. The distribution agreement will be worked out early based on the market development performance of Bansertra.

Launching the electroplating chemicals for HosungST from South Korea

After a long time doing the market research in South of Vietnam, Bansertra Co., Ltd has decided to import the Trivalent Chromate solutions of Hosung ST in South Korea which help the zinc plated products have two traditional colors Yellowish (rainbow) and Bluish white colors.