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Metals and Electroplating Chemicals


Electrodeposition is the application of metallic coatings to metallic or other conductive surfaces by electrochemical processes.

Further to our products portfolio, we are able to supply to you many products for electroplating industry as follows:






Pure Nickel (Ni) Metal: Our nickel are coming from Eramet (France) and Norilsk (Rusia) with high purity in 99.96% and available in many specifications of 1 inche square, 2 inches square, 4 inches square and any strips to meet all customers’requirements.

Zinc (Zn) Metal: We can supply to you the two products from Korea with high standards, and can be used for both plating and casting industry. Please see the general specifications of these products below:

Products Al
Zinc Alloy Ingot KZA3  3.9 – 4.3% 0.03 – 0.06% 0.03% 0.003% 0.075% 0.002% 0.001% Balance
Zinc Ingot  - - - - - - - 99.995%


Nickel chloride (NiCl2): product from Eramet in 25kg bags with Ni>24%

Nickel sulphate (NiSO4): product from Umicore in 5kg bags with Ni>22.22%

Copper sulphate (CuSO4): product available in 25kg bags from Japanese suppliers

Other Plating Chemical Additives

We are working with the supplier of these products to provide technology-based solutions to the surface coating industry. Our leading supplier will bring to you special formulations of chemical based products which are used for decorating and protecting metals and plastics in such applications as chrome plating of alloy wheels, high performance fasteners and electroless coating of computer disc drives. These technology solutions will be applied for customers mainly in coating applications that be found in all industrial manufacturing regions.

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