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Bansertra has achieved agencyship agreement with Jubilant Life Science for the distribution of AA and EAC in Vietnam

Date: 27.03.2015

After the long time keeping in touch for the business development plan with Jubilant Life Science Limited(Jubilant) from India, Bansertra has achieved fully a agencyship agreement with this 3 billions USD group for Vietnam market. At the beginning, Bansertra will cooperate with Jubilant for the development of Acetic Anhydride(AA) and Ethyl Acetate(EAC).

AA is used a lot in modified starch production for food industry and EAC is a very popular and basic solvent which is used for printing inks, coatings, adhesives. The products are produced in the factories in India which have good technology improvements on quality, especially in costs reduction to meet the higher and higher demand for the raw materials input by the customers. Mr. Munish Saxena, Sales manager in charge of the rest of Asia has paid visits to many customers on 24 to 27 March 2015 and he really impressed on the good relationships between Bansertra and customers. This will definitely create the good start for the business cooperation. Apart from the current products, there will be many opportunities for many other products of Jubilant to Vietnam market in the near future.

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