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Launching Forbo's hot melt product line

Date: 21.02.2011

Early 2011, Bansertra has worked with the representative of Forbo Rep. Office in Ho Chi Minh City to promote the book binding adhesives. At the beginning, the product for school books has met the customers’ requirements about the bonding and working temperature. Besides, the price is workable to the competitors’ in the market, so Bansertra decided to import and keep the stocks availably for the customers.

Now, Bansertra continues developing the high quality for magazines and articles books which requires higher bonding issues and thicker books. Firstly, this product was tested successfully at many printing houses. Forbo is happy about this event and this company is considering allowing Bansertra to be an official agent who can distribute this product for the whole market.

Forbo, a Switzerland Company, is a leading producer of flooring systems, adhesives, as well as power transmission and conveyor belt solutions. Forbo Bonding Systems is one of the world’s top suppliers of industrial adhesives. Forbo formulate and manufacture high-performance intermediates and products for diverse bonding applications. For example, adhesives technology for flooring, tiling and construction elements, for car interiors, furniture and woodworking, paper processing and packaging, shoes and textiles, assembly processes for electronics and medical equipment; and synthetic polymer emulsions for formulators in the packaging, construction, carpet and textile industries.

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